Best Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia


Best Things to Do in Savannah


Are you looking for a place that has activities for people with all kinds of interests? Savannah, Georgia has so many exciting attractions that it may be hard to narrow down the list of things to see and do during your visit. Whether you’re a history buff, pop culture expert, chef-in-the-making, or a beach bum, Savannah has EVERYTHING you could dream of to make your vacation perfect!


Cultural & Historical Tours


Savannah is full of rich history dating back to 1733 when General James Oglethorpe and his ship passengers landed along the Savannah River. The city has seen much of the country’s most important events, from the Revolutionary War to the Great Depression in the beginning of the 20th century. With that in mind, cultural and historical tours are the biggest category of things to do in Savannah, and there are so many different kinds for history buffs of any era!


When the weather is nice and you are feeling up for taking a walk around Savannah, book a guided tour around the city’s most famous cemetery, the Bonaventure Cemetery. It is a two hour long tour led by a “Master Storyteller” who will inform you all about its southern history while viewing gorgeous Southern Gothic architecture. Tours are daily at 10 am & 2 pm!


When you want to take a tour of the city but cover more ground, book a bike tour around Savannah! Savannah Bike Tours allows you to bike around the historic district with a guide giving you all the insights on the must-sees and hidden treasures of Savannah, Georgia. Different schedules are available for each season so this is a perfect tour to take at any time of the year!


When you want to spook things up, book a ghost tour around Savannah in a real hearse! You can travel through the historic district learning about the paranormal activity that is said to haunt the city. Your tour guide will keep you at the edge of your seat with ghost stories and the beautifully creepy backdrop of the Savannah Victorian district as you drive. 

Pop Culture Fun


If you’re looking for a more adventurous tour, check out famous movie locations in Savannah on Segways! This city has been a beautiful location for filming many famous movies for over a century and this tour lets you put yourself right in the middle of some of your favorite scenes, such as the Forrest Gump bench. Imagine sitting in the same spot that Forrest did when he told his stories!


For the traditional art lovers, the Savannah African Art Museum is a convenient attraction for an all-day excursion inside. The museum is closed from Sunday to Tuesday, but offers free entry and free parking on the other days that it’s open. Go in and view spiritual and ceremonial objects from West and Central Africa or indulge yourself in one of the workshops the museum holds, including available virtual workshops! 


For pop culture lovers who love to interact in the fun, there are pub crawls that offer an extra twist to a typical Savannah tour! There are ghost tour pub crawls for those that are 21 & up where you can learn about the things that may haunt the city, including haunted bars where you can grab your own drinks along the way! 


Those that want to spice it up a bit more can join the Yes Queen pub crawl! A drag queen will guide you through downtown to explore Savannah’s best bars and nightclubs and end with an extravaganza drag show at Club One. Throughout the night, you can try special drinks at each bar and even take them with you on the tour!


Dynamic Dining 


For those that want to take an elegant, southern cruise, Savannah Riverboat Cruises offers multiple different kinds of riverboat tours through Savannah, such as a narrated harbor sightseeing tour, a dinner cruise, a brunch cruise, a gospel cruise, a Valentine’s cruise, and a sunset cruise. Most of these offer a bar & grill with food and drinks like chicken, ham, pork barbecue, and wine or champagne. Make sure to check the schedule before booking as some options are only available at certain times of the year! 


For those who are interested in a more simple form of dining, The Gastonian offers picnic packages to indulge on in the great outdoors of Savannah or in the comfort of your hotel room! There are multiple different picnic options that include delicious food and drinks, such as shrimp salad, deli sandwiches, pecan pie, a cheese board, and sweet tea. You can choose between the simple picnic or a romantic planned picnic with additional wine for that special someone!


Beach Bums


Less than a 30 minute drive from Savannah, Tybee Island is the perfect location for the beach bums who like to soak up the sun and the waves! Tybee Island consists of a few different beaches with different attractions, dining options, and shopping options to indulge in on each one! 


North Beach offers some historical insight to the island, including the Tybee Island Museum and the Tybee Post Theater! Visitors of North Beach also enjoy deep sea fishing, jet skiing, and sea kayaking! One of the best places to dine that pairs perfectly with the sand and sea of Tybee Island is the Sugar Shack which offers numerous different types of chocolate, candy, and ice cream.


Mid Beach is known best for its fresh seafood dining on or near the beach! There are restaurants that offer fresh crab, hush puppies, and more! After you indulge in the dining experience, Mid Beach also has a YMCA that offers visitors “memberships” for a day, half a week or an entire week where you can paddleboard, surf, or even play some indoor sports. 


South Beach houses the Tybee Island Pier & Pavilion where visitors can grab a bite to eat, take a stroll, and visit the marine science center that is nearby! This part of Tybee Island also provides lots of nightlife for the night owls, including a daiquiri bar! Visitors can choose between numerous beachfront hotels and inns for maximum comfort in their own little paradise. 




If you’re looking for a location for any kind of person for your next vacation, look no further than Savannah, Georgia! There are numerous different types of tours for the history buffs that want to learn more about the origins of Savannah; there are even specialized tours for pop culture lovers & night owls! Best of all, not even thirty minutes away from Savannah, are some of the most beautiful beaches around that offer tours, nightlife, sports, and some of the best fresh food around!