Selling Your Home – Getting Ready to Close Your First Deal

selling your home

Selling your home

Selling Your Home – Getting Ready to Close Your First Deal

Selling your house is a big decision. The emotional attachment that you have to your home can make the act of actually selling it a very difficult task. In this article I will give you some tips for better results when selling your home. Hopefully these tips will help you get the best possible deal on your house.

First, remember that it does not matter how old your house is if it needs work. Many buyers look at houses that need little or no repairs before even considering them. A fresh coat of paint is much less expensive than repairs to your roof or kitchen. Hire an experienced real estate agent to list your house for you, and bring in pictures of the property so that you can show it to potential buyers.

Second, be prepared for potential buyer complaints. People like houses that are well maintained. When they see that repairs are needed they will almost always ask for a list of the repairs. As you list your home, be sure to include any needed repairs and any buyers that come into the showing who want you to know what needs to be fixed. After the buyer leaves talk with your real estate agent about having him or her to inspect the inside and outside of your home for buyers. Most buyers do not like to buy homes that are in need of repairs or have visible signs of wear and tear.

Third, try to schedule a home sale as close to the closing date as possible. Buyers do not want to have to wait for the seller to clean out their personal belongings before they will consider signing a contract for a home sale. As soon as you have signed all of your contracts with your real estate agent to get copies made of your closing documents and let the two of you go over them with a fine tooth comb.

You may also want to have a professional home inspector to take a look at the house before you list it. Real estate agents specialize in selling and repairing homes. If they feel that something is not right with your house or there is something that needs to be fixed, they can make suggestions about what needs to be done and who should be charged for these repairs.

Once you have listed your house, have a home inspection performed and have a deep clean performed, make sure that you have all of your necessary paperwork ready for any buyers who may come looking at the property. Have all of your receipts for all of your expenses ready. Also have your buyers contact you within forty-eight hours of the closing to schedule an appointment to view your property. The sooner you can get your buyers in the door the better.